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Acupuncture is under the guidance of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This treatment is based on a theory of invisible pathways called channels that span over the entire body. Through these channels is Qi life energy...
Cupping procedure is applied to the patient’s skin and as the pressure of the glass jar is reduced vital energy is freed which helps the body to work more efficiently, particularly effective in improving blood circulation, performing deep tissue repair.
Acupressure is an effective method of improving blood circulation and repairing tissue damages. Via nerve stimulation acupressure can induce relaxation and improve skin tone, ease tension in muscles and joints, repair facial lymph damage...
Herbal Medicine
The combinations of herbal are Traditional Chinese Medicines that are most commonly used to treat hormonal disturbances, infections, breathing disorders. The main strength of Chinese herbal medicine lies in strengthening the immune system.....
Why TCM?

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM in abbreviation is growing its importance to harmonize your body and soul.

With 3000 years of culmination of Chinese medical knowledge, Traditional Chinese Medicine can help relieve and

cure many diseases that our society is facing.

SUN TCM Praxis combines 3000 years old of Chinese medicine technology and modern science to offer you

the best acupuncture, massage, cupping, and heat treatment. All treatments are tailor-made best healthcares that you deserve to have.

These treatments help restore your natural energy, boost your entire immune system to fight diseases and make health recovery.

At SUN TCM Praxis we offer you 15min of free consultation, that allows us to identify root causes and formulate optimal

TCM treatment programme to balance your body and mind.

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